Blogging Policies

– I do one post per week now, due RL, when time allow it I could make 3 per week. 

When I don’t post something it’s because I got a busy RL or I’m thinking how to style the items I got sponsored and that I bought. Also I take some time to update the blog to make it look fresh and of course with renovated feeds (working now on more). When time allow it you will see me posting more. Also, I do post on flickr, in world & FB groups.

– I blog my favorites items
Note: It doesn’t mean I don’t like all of the amazing items you send me. It’s just impossible to blog everything since I love to be equal to my sponsors and cover as much as I can in harmony. I give priority to events for example and I blog thinking the best way I can show the products. If I receive a fatpack I usually pick my favorite color or texture to show to my readers.

– I respect my sponsors

Note : This means I try to cover all of your blogger team policies & agreements. If I am not let me know so we can fix it. However, understand I have also other sponsors & RL to attend as you have so when I am not filling them request me in a nice way to read them again.

Being said this I hope to work with more sponsors as long as they’re patient with me because I take time to make the best that I can.